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Date:  ____10/13/00____  Prepared By:  ____Kevin Carmichael & Shayne Pharis_____

Job Title: Physical Plant manager


Pay Range:  $75,000 - $90,000

Reporting To:   Director of Facilities


Number of People Supervised: 

Job Summary:  In charge of building and maintaining the physical building and providing the purchase and maintenance of all the equipment in the building.  Also responsible for working with the property management firm taking care of the rental portions of the property.  Responsible for maintaining a secure and safe environment through work with security and maintenance.


Duties and Responsibilities:


1.  Designing, contracting for and oversee the building of the mini mall.


2.  Keep track of all necessary materials for construction and maintenance.


3.  See to it that the facilities are maintained in good working order.


4.  Develop and maintain an atmosphere in keeping with the company's vision and goals.


5.  See to it that the facilities are clean, healthy and inviting.


6.  Plan for and implement improvements and repairs as appropriate.


7.  Maintain a secure and safe environment through the use of security personnel and systems.


8.  Secure and maintain insurance for the facilities and equipment


9.  Work with Branch Bank Manager and Board officers to secure development loans


10.  Obtain and supervise maintenance works and security guards


11.  Place purchase orders for necessary furniture, equipment and supplies for department


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


1.  Organized


2.  Leadership skills


3.  Drafting skills


4.  Developmental skills


5.  Visionary


6.  Task oriented


7.  Highly Organized


Special Requirements:


Ability to work with a team to plan and implement long-term as well as short-term goals.


Must be very organized


Need a good understanding of building design and construction


Tools & Equipment:

Tools and Equipment used:  Computer and peripherals, software (word processing, data base, spreadsheet, CAD, graphical design, web browsers, e-mail, etc.), telephone, FAX, copier, drafting equipment as needed, movie camera TV and VCR as needed
Frequency of Use:  regular daily use for most, and drafting equipment movie camera, TV and VCR as needed







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