English/Language Arts - Shakespeare Unit
Your Grade
Wendy Peacock, Educational Technology

Your Grade
To grade or not to grade; that is the question.

Activity 1:
Did You Know This About
The grading for this activity is simple. For every fact that gets accepted during the Fact Sharing rounds, you will receive 5pts. Sounds easy, right.  Well, not so fast! Remember: this is a competitive activity. Although you may have researched the information with a group, when it come to the rounds once a fact has been shared (and someone got points for that fact) it cannot be used again.

There will be at least 16 rounds: 4 rounds each for the four the four categories (Elizabethan era, Elizabethan theater, Shakespeare's life, and Miscellaneous). At 5pts per fact you could earn a total of 80pts. 
80 - 75pts = A 
70 - 65pts = B 
60 - 55pts = C 
50 - 45pts = D 
44 -   0pts = F

As soon as you give a fact within one of and it has be accepted, you must write it out on a slip of paper. (You can actually do this ahead of time on slips that your teacher provides). If the same fact is turned in more that once, it is eliminated (So keep a sharp ear! If someone else claims your fact: speak out.)

Good Luck and enjoy the competition!

Activity 2:
Imagery Tracing 

William Shakespeare was a master at using imagery and symbolism in his plays in order to emphasize meaning. The grading on this project is simple. Use the Image Tracing chart provided by your teacher. For the first three acts of the play, each person in your group must contribute at least one quoted line per scene (along with its relevant information) that reflects the image the group has chosen to trace.  Each completed quote is worth 5points and your group may earn up to 10points extra credit per person. 

Activity 3:
Found Poem

A Found Poem is a poem that does not use original thoughts and words. It uses lines discovered within the text (in this case Romeo and Juliet).  Discovered lines are then arranged to reveal a theme reflected in the text.

Since the Found Poem is built on the Imagery Tracing activity, turn in your groups Imagery Tracing pages as your process work.

Along with your teacher, you will generate the rubric (a grading guide outlining the criteria for achieving a grade) the illustrated Found Poem and presentation. Click here to see a sample rubric.


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