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iMET 10

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iMet: Internet Masters of Educational Technology

280 Fundamentals of Online Pedagogy

Online Pedagogy introduces students to the procedures and structure of the Master of Arts Degree in Education: Educational Technology.  As the first course in the sequence, this course emphasizes team building and group cohesion.  Students master the tools used in the delivery of the entire program, prepare for the online learning experience, and initiate their research proposals.
Prerequisite: Graduate Standing. 3 units.


Final Project

Grading Policy
Your final grade for 280 will be calculated the following way:
Face-to-Face ~40%
Online (Forum + Tapped In) ~30%
280 Final Project ~30%



Required Materials

Microsoft Office

Course Resources

Assessing Multiple Intelligences

iMet 10 Blog

Tapped In User Instructions

Campfires and Cyberspace by Thornburg

Teaching Thinking across the Curriculum with the Concept Attainment Mode by Pritchard

Howard gardner, multiple intelligences and education