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iMET 10

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iMet: Internet Masters of Educational Technology

281 Tools and the Curriculum

"Tools and the Curriculum" seamlessly blends basic technological applications with established areas of the curriculum. Students will explore software applications and technology tools as integrated facets of well-established teaching strategies. Learning and applying strategies to new and unique problem-solving situations is expected. In addition, participants in this cluster will use a number of communication procedures that enhance tool use including e-mail, online learning and research, and multimedia. In the process, students evaluate and synthesize theories of learning best suited to developing new instructional strategies.
Prerequisite: Graduate Standing (Courses is listed). 3 units.


Final Project

Grading Policy

The final grade for 281 will be calculated the following way:

Type Points   # Total ~ % Total
FTF 16 x 2 32 20%
Forum 12 x 5* 60 30%
TI 12 x 2 24 10%
Flex 12 x 2 24 10%
Project 60 x 1 60 30%
      Total: 200  
* The due date for the 10_22_06 forum is extended.

Required Materials

Dreamweaver Software
EndNote Software
Inspiration (free 30-day trial)
TaskStream Account (provided)

Course Resources

Dreamweaver: Site Definition & Uploading
EndNote User Instructions
iMET Web Structure Handout
iMET Folder Structure Handout
Tapped In: Uploading Files


Course Resources