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It is five o'clock at night and your parents are making you watch the news. After whining to your parents about the TV show, you sit down on the couch in disgust. After trying to ignore the news show, you suddenly hear a story. The newscaster starts talking about how the dolphins are becoming more endangered and that there are groups of people working on helping the Dolphin population grow. These people are trying to clean up the environment so these animals have a clean place to live. You turn to your parents and ask,"What is an endangered specie?"

Hundreds of Species are dying out each year due to many different causes. Some of these causes are environmental, human caused, natural selection, and changes over time to the specie(evolution). Extinction has already taken over 500 species from the United States alone. Plants such as the beautiful Sexton Mountain mariposa lily, and animals like the colorful and once-abundant Carolina parakeet are gone forever and will never be seen by human eyes again. ( As of 1997, over 20,000 species are currently endangered in the United States. ( That number is only increasing and everyone can do something to help stop some species from going down the endangered species road.

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