Personality Type (4 Walls Activity)

Psychology, Sociology

Topic or Unit of Study:
Personality Types

3-11, College/University, Adult, Prof. Development

An ice breaker which initially gets people up out of their chairs, interacting and developing the framework for the task at hand.

In each of the four corners of the room is a large pad of paper on an easel. Each pad has a specific personality trait written on it. The words are: meaning, action, relationship and organization. Participants are to gravitate to the pad bearing the trait that they feel suits them the best out of the four.

Once everyone is in their area, the facilitator will clarify with each group the particular area that they have chosen. This may include giving an example that falls within the type of characteristic, as to help people solidify their choices.

Next the facilitator will go around the room and have the participants briefly explain why they identify with that particular term. Is this something that they definitely know about themselves, or was it closest of the four choices?

Participants will next be asked "How can we now relate this to our business, or what we do as an organization?" Give examples of how this plays into how we work and interact with co-workers. Scenarios are then posed to the group, such as: "If an action person and a organization person need to work together, how will that go? What concessions will need to be made by each to form an optimal working environment.


Learning Context:
This activity is an ice breaker that leads into the larger unit of creating a shared mission and vision statement

1) There are four posters, each poster goes on a serperate wall in the room.
2) The posters are entitled "Meaning, Action, Organization, and Relationships.
3) A facilitator asks participants to look at the posters and walk to only one poster then stay there.
4) Facilitator asks participants (one at a time) Why did you choose that word you are standing next to? What does that word mean to you? How does that word relate to your personality? how does that word relate to you at work?
5) Every participant gets the opportunity to speak about their choice. All participants are encouraged to actively listen.

Differentiated Instruction:
For ELL participants I would use pictures that represent the meanings of the words, or use the translation of the words to the participants native language.

Students will work individually.

Time Allotment:
35 Min. per class.

Author's Comments & Reflections:
The facilitator must have a good understanding of group facilitation and techniques of asking questions that can build onto other questions and or clarify the participants meaning.


Materials and Resources
Instructional Materials:
-4 pieces paper
(preferably poster size paper, but the exercise can be done on 8.5x11 paper)
-4 colored markers
-A quiet room to have small group instruction in