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Essential Grammar Rules WebQuest

Welcome to the exciting world of teaching grammar. For those of you that have found in the past that teaching grammar to your students is a chore, let your students teach it for you. This site is dedicated to giving teachers a lesson that will not only engage your students, but also teach them a thing or two about grammar rules. The students will be guided through the process using a WebQuest to find resources on grammar rules and how to teach those rules to the class.

Lesson Overview

During this lesson the students will compile a list of 10 common grammar rules using resource sites provided on the WebQuest. Once the students finish their list, they will be asked to pick one to present to the class. The students are expected to develop a lesson plan that they will teach to the class. They will also be asked to provide a quiz that they will administer to the class.

The objective is to have the students recall these grammar rules, so they can identify and apply them in everyday writing situations.

We have done the hard part. All you need to do is click on the links to the left for state standards used in this lesson, modifications, and rubrics for this lesson.. Clicking on the WebQuest link will bring you to the student portion of the lesson. By giving students the address to the WebQuest itself, they can access directions, resources and templates for their projects.


Kristina Roys, Samantha McLeod, and Koreen Gonzales