Internet Searching
for High School Students

Group Project

EDTE 281Tools and Curriculum
 California State University Sacramento

Presented by:

Sara, Deanna, Mary, and Patrick

iMET 6 - December 2003


(Step 3)
Scavenger Hunt

Practical Internet Searching

Answer the following questions on your handout.
  1. Which of the three major search methods did you find the most useful?
  2. What distractions did you encounter before reaching the final page?
  3. What "ah-hahs" if any, did you find?
  4. What did you learn about searching the Internet for a given topic?
  5. What search engine or directory is your favorite?  Explain.

The Scavenger Hunt

Using one (or more) of the search engines or directories found in this lesson (or one of your own since there are thousands), search for three items in the following list in a "Scavenger Hunt."  Write your answers on the handout.  You will turn it into your teacher when finished.

Internet Scavenger Hunt Questions

  • What was William Shakespeare's first play that is classified as a tragedy?
  • What famous person has a birthday today?
  • What is the Zip Code for Truth or Consequences, New Mexico?
  • What are the three top news stories on CNN right now?
  • What is the melting temperature of tin?
  • What is the weather like right now in Mexico City?
  • What was the score of the Nebraska Cornhuskers last football game?
  • What is the official currency of Italy?
  • Who was the 17 president of Mexico?
  • Who wrote The Grapes of Wrath?
  • Who is Mike Manchaca?
  • What is the most popular Crayola crayon color?
  • What are the number of dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club?
  • What's the distance between Saturn and the sun?
  • Who was Salvador Dali and when did he die?
  • Where is the world's longest and highest rollercoaster?
  • What is the first and sixteenth lines in Charles Dickens's book Tale of Two Cities?
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