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Sun Woman's Search for Home

A California Regions WebQuest






My name is 'Anya Thinya'aak. In English that is 'Sun Woman'. I am far from home and far from my time. It was just today that I was in my homeland walking to see a friend when I saw something unusual. It was shiny and colorful and I was curious. I could walk inside it like a very small room. There were shapes like the sun and some like a straight mesquite branch. When I reached out to touch my fingers to the colorful shapes, my fingers followed the shapes into shallow holes and then popped up again. A door closed and a sound like the wind was all around me! When the door opened, I was in a strange land, and in a different time. I will need your help to find where I come from and now that I see there are other places I did not dream of, I will ask you to tell me of them so I may decide which to go back to.

I have brought with me the things you see on your right.

Sun Woman

'Anya Thinya'aak

Pottery Doll

Yucca Sandals

Cactus Fishhooks